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Corporate Culture


Our mission
Satisevery Deline client
Our business philosophy
Be a trustworthy and reliable environmental protection enterprise
Our purpose
Best employee, best product, best service, best efficiency, best execution, best revenue, best development
Our values
Service creates a brand to bring customer satisfaction with the satisfaction of employees
Our view of service
Think more than customers and do better than customers expect

About Us


        Anhui Delin Environmental Protection Development (Group) Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is a comprehensive enterprise mainly with deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, starch-based biodegradable plastic, and tea alcohol health wine production.One parent company, four subsidiaries of the Group, a registered capital of 62.4 million yuan, existing fixed assets of more than 195 million yuan, more than 400 employees, in 2020, sales revenue of 495.5 million yuan and profits and taxes of 28.15 million yuan.For Anhui Province high-tech enterprise, Anhui agricultural industrialization leading enterprise in Anhui Province.The main products are listed in the national key new product plan and the National Torch Plan respectively.Company produced starch based biodegradable plastic products including starch based biodegradable catering, products mainly from plant starch, high-tech production technology processing, with good performance, safety and health, low cost, after use under natural conditions of degradation, avoid the pollution of the environment, save oil and other non-renewable resources, save energy, is to eliminate "white pollution", protect the ecological substitute of ecological environment, widely used in catering, supermarkets, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, industrial packaging and other fields.The products have been exported to the United States, Canada, the EU, Southeast Asia and around the world.The market share of domestic major and medium-sized cities is also gradually increasing.
        According to the requirements of the modern enterprise system, the company has established and improved various rules and regulations, and has established an enterprise operation mechanism with both incentive and restraint and equal importance to scientific management and behavior management.On the basis of passing the "ISO9001:2000》 Quality Management System and" ISO14001:2004》 Environmental Management System certification and British BRC food packaging product certification, the company passed the China environmental logo certification in 2008, which not only marks the management of the company, but also laid the foundation for casting the group into an international export-oriented enterprise.
        The company has strong technical strength, strong research and development ability, strong innovation ability.At present, more than 40 middle and senior professional and technical personnel have established long-term cooperative relations with the University of Science and Technology of China, and hired senior experts and professors as technical consultants to become the biodegradable materials research and development base of the University of Science and Technology of China.The company has the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, among which: "high starch content biodegradable plastic for the production of environmentally friendly catering utensils" passed the municipal scientific and technological achievements appraisal in April 2007, and was awarded the third prize of Anhui Province Science and Technology Progress and the second prize of Anqing Science and Technology Progress respectively.It was awarded the national key new product certificate by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Administration of Inspection, AQSIQ and Environmental Protection. "biodegradable bag (membrane) with high starch content" in April 2008 and won the second prize of Anqing Science and Technology Progress in 2008 and Anhui Provincial Quality Award in 2008.The product technology is at the leading level in China. Because the product apparent density is only about 0.7, it is about 25% lighter than the ordinary plastic products with the same thickness, which greatly reduces the product cost, has strong competitiveness and wide adaptability, and belongs to a high-tech new environmental protection materials.
        In order to eliminate "white pollution," the relevant state ministries ordered foaming plastic dining banned nationwide as early as 2000.The General Office of the State Council issued the "plastic restriction order" in December 2007, clearly stipulating that the use of ultra-thin plastic bags will be banned nationwide from June 1,2008, and urged the revision of the Catalogue of Guidance for Industrial Structural Adjustment to encourage the development of biodegradable plastic bags.In order to find alternative products, the National Development and Reform Commission proposed, in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for the Development of Biological Industry, to develop a batch of plastic and functional polymer materials with good biodegradable and biocompatibility to replace petrochemical products. By 2010, national starch-based biodegradable plastics will reach an annual output of 200,000 tons.However, the situation is not optimistic, due to the contradiction between the huge demand from traditional industries and the huge cost pressure of biodegradable alternative products.Although the technology of biodegradable plastic has been applied to some domestic plastic products enterprises, but the technology has not been mature enough, and has not been effectively promoted.The starch-based biodegradable plastics developed and produced by our company have broad market prospects and strong vitality, with good economic, social and ecological benefits.
        Expanding the production scale and meeting the market demand is the focus of the company's next development strategy. We plan to expand the production capacity to 100,000 tons by 2025, with an additional investment of 580 million yuan, and a sales revenue of more than 1 billion yuan by 2027.Profit and taxes of 280 million yuan.The company into a national collection of research and development, production, operation as one of the biodegradable plastic base.
        Anhui Delin Group is located in Huaining County Industrial Park, with convenient transportation and obvious location advantages. It is only 1 kilometer away from Anqing West Station of Hejiu Railway, and only 23 kilometers away from Anqing Civil Aviation Airport and Yangtze River Wharf.In line with the enterprise spirit of pragmatism and innovation, honesty and trustworthiness, and the pursuit of excellence, the Group sincerely welcomes the sincere cooperation between domestic and foreign merchants, and works together to create a new era of environmental protection.

About Us


        Anhui beacon hill blueberries and development co., LTD., founded in 2009, is in anhui, the environmental protection development (group) co., LTD. Of all subsidiaries, by the end of 2020 has been completed investment of 51.9 million yuan, has now developed a blueberry brandy, blueberry dry red, blueberry dried fruits, blueberry drinks four series more than 20 varieties of blueberry deep processing products. After the products were put on the market in January 2010, the national authoritative institutions have tested all the indicators are up to or better than the national standards, with high quality, high grade, high cultural content by the majority of consumers love.
        To create a first-class brand and create a national famous brand is the next development goal of Duxiu Mountain Blueberry Company, and it is also our unremitting pursuit. The company will further strengthen the internal quality, fine management, outside the tree image, liven the marketing, to the product into more cultural connotation, into more spiritual elements, while marketing tangible products marketing enterprise culture. It plans to expand its production capacity to 6000 tons in 2025, with annual sales revenue of more than 600 million yuan and annual profit and tax of more than 200 million yuan. Duxiushan Blueberry Company is going to the world while going to the whole country.

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